Cure Your Acne – 3 Easy Steps

3 Critical Mistakes

3 Critical Mistakes

1. consumingpop/soda! Not matter if it is regular or diet, stop drinking pop now! This without question a definite must. If it is regular then it is loaded with sugar that is messing with your hormones, spiking your blood sugar levels, causing oxidative stress, and  cause blemishes . Diet pop still contains acids that only worsens your pH levels. A balanced alkaline/acid level is another key to gorgeous flawless complexion.

2. Worrying over your spots all day long on a daily basis. This leads to frustration, stress, and eventual depression. It will also make your complexton worse and causes more acne breakouts.

3. Eatingnon-organic animal products. If you are going to consume animal products, then it must be organic, free range, pastured, grass finished, etc. Non-organic meat has many more toxins compared to non-organic produce. Excessive toxic load leads to a nasty complexion .

3 Solutions To Cure Acne On Chin

1. Substitute Pop for water. Clear water flushes out toxins that will eventually lead tofewer breakouts. It will also help balance your pH levels as water is neutral. Add a few drops of lemon or lime for flavor and added benefits.

2. Anytime the thought of your spots comes to your mind, throw it out and think about a strong positive thought. Have patience as it can take some time to getting used to. But, practice makes perfect.

3. Eat more organic, quality animal products. Eggs are excellent for you , but organic, free range include loads more nutrients and hardly any toxins in comparison to commercially grown eggs. This is the same with all organic, quality animal products. They are more expensive , but do you think investing in your health is worth it? I hope so.

If you make any of the above mistakes, then do yourself a favor and follow through with at least one of the solutions I have provided . It will definitely help any acne condition and allow for less severe acne eruptions if you happen to have one in the near future.

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I really hope you have enjoyed my article and have found it useful.

Good luck with curing that stubborn Acne!